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How do I change my command line configuration?

Before starting...

With the new Garry's Mod 13 updates, +gamemode values must be in all lowercase. For instance, if you're using the DarkRP gamemode, then +gamemode must be set to darkrp or else the gamemode won't be found and the server will default to sandbox.

Getting the gamemode name

If you've uploaded the gamemode to your gamemodes folder, then open the gamemodes folder in the File Manager or through FTP (recommended) and look at the gamemode's folder name. By default, you should see base, sandbox, and terrortown. If you wanted to use the TTT gamemode, you'll set the +gamemode value to terrortown, not TTT.

Creating the Command Line

It's quite easy to change your command line configuration. Just follow the below steps to set this up:

  1. Log into TCAdmin
  2. Click the Command Line Changer icon.
  3. Click the New button near the bottom.
  4. Type in a Command Line Name. This value can be whatever you'd like, but it's best to use a descriptive title. For instance, if you're using the DarkRP gamemode with that command line configuration, then use DarkRP as the Command Line Name.
  5. Tick the box to the left of +map, and insert a value to the right. Warning: Skipping this step will result in your server crashing before it can boot, and you won't be able to connect.
  6. Optional: Tick the box to the left of +exec and insert server.cfg to the right.
  7. Tick the box to the left of +gamemode and place the gamemode's name as the value to the right.
  8. The other commands are optional. +host_workshop_collection and -authkey are for the Steam Workshop. The +rcon_password can be used to set the RCON password as long as it's not set in your server.cfg file. The -tickrate option is to set the tickrate of the server (more information HERE). The +sv_loadingurl is used to change the loading screen your player's see when they try to connect (must be a valid (sub-)domain name).
  9. The other commands shouldn't be used unless you know what you're doing.

  10. Click the Save button at the bottom of the page.
  11. Create new Configuration

  12. Click the Select button to the right of the new Command Line Configuration.
  13. Click the Back button on that page.
  14. Restart your server so that the changes take place.

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