How do I install and use FTP?


FTP is a network protocol used to transfer computer files from one host to another. You can use FTP to upload files from your computer to your server hosted by us, or download files from the server to your computer. This article will walk you through installing and using FTP with your server hosted by us.

Installing FTP

  1. Navigate to the following URL:
  2. Select the appropriate version according to your operating system. We're using Windows 7 for this example, so we'll select the FileZilla_x.x.x.x_win32-setup.exe option.
  3. Select the I Agree option.
  4. Select whether you wish to install FileZilla for every user on your system or just you. We'll install it for everyone on this computer.
  5. Select the components you wish to install. We'll keep everything at it's default for this step.
  6. Select where you want to install FileZilla. We're installing it to the default path: C:\Program Files (x86)\FileZilla FTP Client.
  7. Click the Install button.

Congratulations! You've just installed FileZilla on your computer and can now being using FTP.

Using FTP

  1. Log into the control panel and click Manage.
  2. Click the FTP Details icon at the top of the page.
  3. Open FileZilla and paste the data from that page into the Quickconnect bar.
  4. Click the Quickconnect button.

Congratulations! You've established a connection to the FTP server. By default, the pane on the left is your computer, and the pane on the right is the remote server. To upload files to the server, simply drag and drop files from the left pane to the right. To download files from the server, simply drag and drop files from the right pane to the left!

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