How do I mount content?

We make it easy to mount content to your Garry's Mod server! We host the files for the most popular content on our systems so you don't have to upload the files.

To mount content to your server, please follow the below steps.

1. Login to ForcePanel and go to the "File Manager". Alternatively, you can do this via FTP if you prefer.
2. Navigate to the garrysmod/cfg directory and edit the mount.cfg file.
3. Uncomment the content you wish to mount.
4. Save the file and restart your server!

If you have uploaded your own files or modified the mount.cfg file in the past, our default mount.cfg is below.

// Uncomment desired games
// (cstrike is enabled by default)

        "cstrike" "/steamcontent/cstrike"
        //"tf" "/steamcontent/tf"
        //"dod" "/steamcontent/dod"
        //"left4dead2" "/steamcontent/left4dead2"
        //"episodic" "/steamcontent/episodic"
        //"ep2" "/steamcontent/ep2"
        //"portal" "/steamcontent/portal"
        //"lostcoast" "/steamcontent/lostcoast"
       //"csgo" "/steamcontent/csgo"

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