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Our Minecraft services give you a great amount of redundancy and performance.

Our Minecraft services are run on powerful enterprise-quality hardware that we've purpose-built to be perfect for game servers. These systems have powerful Intel Server CPUs and error correcting (ECC) RAM. We've also built storage arrays for these systems in a RAID 10 configuration. This means that your data is kept in a redundant array and is also striped to provide increased resiliency to failure and improved performance. What this means for you is that your server will run on professional-grade hardware and can sustain up to two drive failures before being interrupted.

Our staff started playing Minecraft early on in its lifetime, around early 2010. We've personally used many of the mods in Minecraft's history such as hMod, CraftBukkit, Tekkit, Feed the Beast and more. We're very experienced in most aspects of Minecraft server administration as well as modding support.

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With over ten years of in-depth experience in the game server hosting industry, we know what it takes to run game servers well.

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RAM Allocation Monthly Quarterly
5% Discount
10% Discount
15% Discount
256 MB* $2.00 $5.70 $11.40 $22.80 Order Now!
512 MB* $4.00 $11.40 $22.80 $45.60 Order Now!
1024 MB $8.00 $22.80 $45.60 $91.20 Order Now!
1536 MB $10.00 $28.50 $57.00 $114.00 Order Now!
2048 MB $13.00 $37.05 $74.10 $148.20 Order Now!
3072 MB $17.00 $48.45 $96.90 $193.80 Order Now!
4096 MB $20.00 $57.00 $106.00 $204.00 Order Now!
5120 MB $23.00 $65.55 $131.10 $262.20 Order Now!
6144 MB $26.00 $74.10 $148.20 $296.40 Order Now!
8192 MB $29.00 $82.65 $165.30 $330.60 Order Now!

* 256MB and 512MB are only recommended for small vanilla servers


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